Sound familiar? I thought so. YES. You're in the right place.

how is the collective (of us) different than other masterminds?

  • While we are huge supporters for one another, The Collective is a true mastermind + accelerator focused on strategy and know-how. Are you tired of surrounding yourself with (well intentioned) cheerleaders with no solid helpful strategy to balance it all out?

Have you heard  the words "You're doing a great job, keep going!" more times than you care to count while you feel like you're sinking into "What the hell am I doing" land? Me too. I needed to be nudged beyond my limits to learn what I didn't already know. I needed to be surrounded by women who were in businesses different than my own. I needed to learn how to create innovation and do things differently.  We all need cheerleaders but I knew that I needed something  a hell of a lot DEEPER than that. 

  • I personally facilitate EVERY. SINGLE. STRATEGY CALL. 

I am 100% engaged in the success of the women I work with. I am personally invested in your business  success right along side you for the duration of The Collective calls.  If the other kick-ass women on the call don't have answers, know that I will. And if I don't, I'll know someone who does. This is my personal commitment to every single woman in The Collective. I, as the founder and chief  "Make Shit Happen-er" have your back. Every time. ***I know firsthand that most masterminds do NOT offer this level of senior support at even a fraction of what membership to The Collective is. Again, we're not talking cheerleaders, we're talking ACTION, STRATEGY, and solid KNOW HOW.***

  • There are only FOUR women on each strategy call. FOUR. 

This means that you get very focused undivided attention to get to the core of what you need, to move forward in your business. As the facilitator of each call, I ask the right questions to help you get to the best possible answers, via the most direct route.

  • The Collective supports you in creating growth and shifts. FAST. By giving you the tools and accountability to do the work. 

The tools, network and support are available to you. The calls support you in understanding and expediting the work needed to reach your goal. The Collective membership includes 3 months of laser focused strategy sessions with me and a group of brilliant badass business owners, each sharing their own expertise.  The Facebook group creates an unparalleled level of accountability, support + magic making.


Good Question.

The Collective (of Us) is both a small business accelerator and business mastermind for female founders and women owned creative small businesses.

Along with the shared expertise of a creative women-owned business community in our bi-weekly Collective calls, consistent support via the private on-line Facebook group and a large network of contacts; there is also a loving (and highly strategic) kick in the ass of coaching to ensure that everyone is taking an action oriented approach to building their business.  We don't believe in intention without action.  

Who is The Collective for? 

Makers, artists, strategists, coaches, creatives and every "ladyboss" in between who are seeking to TRULY up-level their small business.

Women who have ever felt like they don't fit in and want to be a part of a community. When I left my corporate job, I had no clue where to go to find women like me. I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere, I was too experienced in corporate culture for "new business" groups and not experienced enough for high-level masterminds. And hell, maybe you're the "weird" one who was secretly a fucking genius in school but sucked at cheerleading and sports so you hung out alone. We celebrate weird genius. So bring it on. Please.  **Truthfully, sister, shouldn't we all aspire to be at least a little bit more weird in our lives?  

Women who finally want to be able to ask questions about growing their business in a way that feels honest, authentic and not competitive. Because NO, you do not need to have all the answers all the damn time. And when you don't, it helps to be in a space that encourages curiosity and innovation rather than shutting it down with "right" answers. 

Women who are ready to dedicate the time and action needed to get their business moving forward. Quickly. The support is all here but the work comes from you so your soul has to want to take action.   


The Collective (of Us) is truly a game-changer in the success of your small business. 


Are you ready to join this kick-ass group of women creating thriving businesses? 

It's not easy to build a business alone. Often times, it takes others, just like you, to truly understand that. You want peers to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off of, and share expertise and experiences with.  You are a strong business woman but you also need connection and encouragement as much as strategic support. You're not looking for bullshit and fluff but instead, a group of women who will be kind, honest, and supportive. They'll call you on your shit and help you grow stronger. Together, we build growth plans, collaborations, share networks, and support one another's extraordinary businesses

THE Collective (of Us) Membership includes:

  • Priority access to Cyndie Spiegel for 3 months

I am 100% engaged in the success of the women I work with. I am personally invested in your business  success right along side you for the duration of The Collective calls.  Need my off-call help? I encourage empowerment  amongst the group but if you need my eyes on something or have a few questions, I'm there for you, just an email or phone call away.

  • (6) Biweekly 2-Hour Small Group Strategy + Coaching Calls  

I facilitate EVERY SINGLE one of these small group mastermind sessions. These group Skype sessions build incredibly tight-knit relationships and collaboration opportunities.  This is where most of the strategy {magic} happens and you experience first-hand the incredible impact of up-leveling your business with the support of a group.

  • Live “Social Calls”

Used as an on-line forum to meet and connect with alumni group members and women that you may not have met on your small group strategy sessions. These "lipstick on, bra off, wine in hand" calls creates offline camaraderie and a cool opportunity to mix it up and talk about anything and everything you need. 

  • The Bold Business Course: A Kickass Course Teaching You How To Trust Yourself, Find Your Tribe, and Courageously Create Success

To kickstart your experience and get you to up-level your thinking, you'll dive into the Bold Business course every other week. Originally created on its own, this master course has now been merged with The Collective (of Us) exclusively. It's invaluable to have logical action and emotional support combined, to truly make an impact in your business. 

The Bold Business Course Includes:

Five (5) inspiring, actionable videos 

Five (5) immediate action workbooks to support and inspire you in getting shit done

You'll tap into the most crucial parts of your business with these 5 modules: 

  1. On Being: Owning Your Voice + Your Genuine Vibe
  2. On Fear + The Imposter Syndrome: How To Do Extraordinary Shit By Understanding + Owning Your Fears
  3. On Confidence + Money: Understand Your Value + Confidently Charge What You're Worth
  4. On Community: How To Build The RIGHT Meaningful Tribe for Kick-Ass Strategy, Authentic Support + Major Magic Making
  5. On Collaboration: How To Give Competition The Middle Finger + Collaborate Like A Boss
  • Lifetime membership to a private online community to strategize, support, share resources, and collaborate with. 

This community is seriously badass and connected. This is not another social media group with thousands of anonymous members.  This is a place to share wins and actionably discuss what you're needing support with. Even months after the "official" Collective calls are over, this group remains active and collaborates to support each other in amazing ways. 

  • Welcome Package Mailed Straight To You

A surprise package of goodness delivered to your doorstep. Because digital connections are great - but so are real-life surprises!

  • PLUS Lifetime access to Bonus Resource Calls

Past examples include a MailChimp expert, a PR specialist and a lawyer for entrepreneurial legal advice, in-person meet-ups throughout the year, and a personalized highlight + bio on The Collective’s social media channels.

  • Bonuses: 

As a Collective Member, you will be: 

  • Added to The Collective Meet The Members page for all visitors and members to access
  • Promoted via our Social Media Channels
  • AND - should you choose to share content, we'll send your contribution posts out to our entire Collective (of Us) Mailing List on our Member's Only authored bi-weekly blog.

Enrollment in The Collective is limited to ONLY 20 Members to ensure ACTION + connection.

Investment: $1999 Paid In Full OR 3 Payments of $685.

Membership is currently CLOSED. Please stay connected with us below to hear it 1st when we re-open in SPRING 2017.


What Collective Members Have to Say About Their Experience: 

"The Collective exceeded my expectations. Every time I have a question or anyone else poses a question - the answers are a HUGE wealth of info, and sometimes it's stuff I didn't even think I needed to know. It's been very very good for me. The rate at which my business has progressed couldn't have happened without the Collective.. and for others who are really invested in making moves and growing their brands, it is a great and worthwhile option. There's nothing like it out there." - Erica Recto, Amelia Brooklyn

Having that chance every two weeks to hang out with the amazing women of the Collective, hear each woman's current struggles and then together come up with a plan was an invaluable use of time. The Collective is chalk full of incredibly talented, smart, supportive women. I think for anyone who needs support in either starting a business or growing their business they could find all the support and guidance within the Collective. - Kathyn Hart, Hustlyn Hart

"Before The Collective {of Us}, I just changed my business services from social media management to consulting. I wanted a group where I could receive inspiration, accountability, and support to grow my biz. At first I worried that we wouldn't get much out of the calls because we were all so different. I could not have been more wrong. I loved learning what everyone was doing. Working alone can be isolating and stressful. Being accountable for specific tasks of my choosing twice a month was INVALUABLE. There is no way I would have made so many changes so quickly if I wasn't a member". - Caitlin Bacher, CaitlinBacher.com

"Before The Collective {of Us}, I was in the process of figuring out a new project and hadn't completely decided exactly what I was going to do when I met Cyndie. Over the course of a few weeks, I figured out that direction, and during the group calls we launched! I was worried initially that I was going to be either surrounded by newbies or completely out of my league...but honestly there were so many from all walks, and everyone had something to give. It was so beneficial. I would absolutely recommend The Collective. It was such an eye opening experience for me to be able to learn from so many different types of people from different places and in different industries." - Abbey Kyhl, AbbeyKyhl

"Since I found The Collective {of Us}, I’ve been able to create a much more cohesive brand experience. I FINALLY feel like my website represents me the way I want. Being a part of this group has made a quantifiable difference in my business, and there is such an element of trust amongst the group members. Cyndie's approach is a nice balance of “Get off your ass” and “We can make this work.” I think many other fledgling and seasoned business owners would benefit!" - Monique, Keep Chasing The Stars

"I joined The Collective {of Us} for networking and advice. I don't have a business partner to bounce ideas off of, and many of my friends aren't business owners. Everyone chosen for The Collective is a hustler and not afraid to get their hands dirty. I feel like every single one of us is super driven and willing to offer up help to everyone else. Cyndie asks the hard questions and doesn’t sugar coat it. I absolutely recommend this Collective to everyone." - Lindsay, Lot801

"I felt a little lost and in need of some new energy before I found The Collective {of Us}. Getting encouragement from the group pushed me in ways I may not have pushed myself. Now I have more confidence in my business and my ability to grow it.  I rarely participated in other on-line groups and didn't feel like a part of them. This is different. The Collective is exactly the place for someone who is serious about building their business and wants dedicated support, a community, and accountability. And Cyndie has the right balance of encouragement and push to help you to do things you may not attempt otherwise."  - Jessica, Oh So Antsy

"Since joining The Collective {of Us} I've been more mindful of my time and allocating it to projects that 'will make my business money.' I feel good knowing I have a trustworthy group of women in business who are kind, supportive, and willing to share knowledge. No competition, just boss ladies keeping each other motivated. I would absolutely recommend this and Cyndie. Why? Because she keeps our shit together and gives us an amazing opportunity to have other points of view on our business. What a gift!" - Jen, Jennifer Vagios

"Before The Collective {of Us} I was muddled in my vision. I had a vision but there were missing pieces. I wanted to join the Collective to gain the support from other female entrepreneurs. Sometimes I found solutions for problems I didn't even realize I had just by listening to the advice for other members ! I would absolutely recommend The Collective. It's a safe place to discuss your struggles and get real answers and solutions to your problems. It's nice to have a place where you can bounce off ideas and get constructive feedback." -Nikki Miller, Mae B. Films

YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES YOUR time investment and a community. it's that simple.

3 months can shift the direction and growth of your business.

Becoming part of a community is necessary to the success of your small business. You cannot do this alone. And if you've read this far down the page, you probably don't want to anyway. You understand the importance of not just finding, but BUILDING your authentic tribe. You understand that with the "right" community, your business will thrive. You also understand that building anything worth having takes time. Considering that, focusing on your business over three months is not very much to ask. Now is it?! Hell, that's about the same amount of time you spend catching up on House of Cards (or whatever the kids are watching these days!).  And you get nothing to show for that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this for product or service based business?
A: Fear, community, collaboration and taking great leaps are universal challenges for ALL business types. You'll feel right at home if you are a product or service based business.

Q: I don't have a business but I really connect to the content and would like to learn more about myself - can I join The Collective?
A: If you are in the beginning stages of starting a small business, then YES!  But if you do not have a business, The Collective, in it's current form, is not the right place for you at this moment.

Q: I'm a start up or in the (serious) concept stage of my business ideas- can I join The Collective? 
A: Whether you're an early stage business start-up or experienced business owner; these tools  and support are for any woman who needs strategy and a kick in the pants to get moving, create growth plans and get shit done. Now.

NOTE: Several business have launched from concept to creation, within the 3 months of The Collective sessions BUT you do have to be willing to focus, do a lot of work and set clear deadlines. If this is you, we will have a 15-minute call to assess the right fit before joining The Collective.


Investment: $1999 Paid In Full OR 3 Payments of $685.

Membership is currently CLOSED. Please stay connected with us below to hear it 1st when we re-open in SPRING 2017.


What else are they saying?

"Cyndie is a great coach who gave me some ideas that were easy to do but I'd never thought of before. I met some amazing people, and some inspirational business owners who were in different but complementary fields. I love the collaborative nature of this collective and that it's led by an experienced coach who really knows how to facilitate. It was very beneficial for cuteheads™." - Esther Freedman, cuteheads


"Cyndie leads The Collective {of Us} with kick-ass rock and roll flair, style and a penchant for no-bullshit. Because she's part business and part zen, the Collective was straight forward, honest and deeply caring. There are so few people out there that can truly inspire and motivate while simultaneously making you really think about your actions in a positive light. What I love about the group is that it really propels people to change. Being part of this community has opened doors to collaborating with other incredible women. I can't recommend The Collective enough."- Tündi , Tündi Szász 

"I was just starting my business and decided to join The Collective {of Us} because I wanted to meet other like-minded women entrepreneurs and have a network I could connect with, learn from and share ideas with.  This community is a great, positive and energetic one! The homework to complete each week forced us to stay on track and now it’s routine for me! It’s awesome that we have a community of fellow female entrepreneurs for life.  I would recommend The Collective to others, it is definitely worth the investment."  - Elisabetta Colabianchi, Kurandza

"As a baby in the business owning world, it was truly invaluable to hear from other, more established women experiencing similar challenges or celebrating similar accomplishments. I felt like a sponge just soaking it all in. Everyone should get to experience Cyndie-love and a Cyndie-swift-kick-in-the-ass! It's so empowering to know there are so many women out there - all of whom you've not met in the flesh - who would have your back in a hot second and can understand your struggles. It instills a certain confidence that is not so easy to come by." - Nikole Seavy, Little Branch Events

"I have been in business for 11 years and wanted to be a part of a supportive group with honest feedback and ideas for working smarter. It was very worthwhile for me to be a part of this group and get honest feedback regarding opportunities and key changes to my business that will give me some traction. There is value for everyone no matter your business or if you just started.  I would recommend The Collective {of Us} as it was a great way to get actionable feedback, ideas and make connections.  The group was truly interested in helping each other and seeing success! "- Susan McDonald, Susan Jane Jewels

"Before joining The Collective {of Us}, I literally had no business! As a result of this crew, I'm well on my way. Just this week I had my first paying client! I would recommend joining The Collective to anyone serious about growing their business. Cyndie is pure gold.” - Alex, The Writer's Well


"I absolutely recommend The Collective {of Us}. For many who cannot afford private one-on-one coaching, this is a GREAT alternative. It's high impact for a relatively low cost. AND you are getting the benefit of the GROUP, and that's worth it's weight in gold, especially because each member is hand-selected - ensuring that the milieu stays supportive and positive."- Stasia, Thrift Me Pretty



Having the experience, connections and support of myself as well as a tightly networked group of women across the globe is an incredible access point for small business growth.

We believe that  that we have a choice in how small businesses connect and grow. We also believe that female founders and women owned businesses deserve to change the creative community that they are a part of.  We know that women don't need to feel as though they are in competition with other women. Instead, we can choose to collaborate, share resources, networks and grow, collectively.  Regardless of our specific business, there are opportunities to learn from others who think differently and are willing to share ideas and resources. THIS is one of the many reasons thatthe women in The Collective {of Us} are successful.

Still uncertain? A few more Collective thoughts from incredible women, like you.

"My biz was less than a year old when I joined The Collective {of Us}. I was struggling to figure out how to balance client work with growing my business & finding time to develop a product line. The Collective calls served as a motivation to get shit done, so I had progress to report! Just taking a look back at where I was a few months ago with my business vs. where I am now is completely mind-blowing. I really committed to the Collective and pushing myself to do more, be more consistent, and put my shit out there - and it WORKED. - Maura, Lineup Digital

Before The Collective {of Us}, I had no idea how to move forward. I needed some serious CHEERLEADERS in my life that believe in me and my business more than I do. After every call I was pumped up and believed I could make it happen. This group changed my perspective and helped me take my business more seriously. Feeling like I am a part of a community trying to do the same thing. I actually found myself at a friend's house recently and remember thinking The Collective ladies understood me and were in the same frame of mind as me MORE than my friend.- Debra, DB/CB Jewelry

I joined The Collective  {of Us} because I needed outside perspective on what I was doing and direction from someone who I could trust to provide me with advice and support. The fact that Cyndie not only provided that but a network of other individuals who were running their own businesses was why I wanted to join. This is an incredible opportunity to hear others struggles and answers to ideas from other business owners. I got enormous amount of perspective and guidance to focus on ways to grow my business. Would I recommend? YES. It's simply life changing. - Shalee Cooper, Instantly Framed

The Collective calls were 100% amazing. I took every task and did it over the 2 week span of time. I kept track of my initiatives and managed them like a #ladyboss! It's what I wanted, why I signed up and I was able to get it done. I signed up for that kick and I’m happy to have a new outlook on my company. I feel refreshed! - Gretchen, Pattern to Plan


Investment: $1999 Paid In Full OR 3 Payments of $685.

Membership is currently CLOSED. Please stay connected with us below to hear it 1st when we re-open in SPRING 2017.