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Today, Lindsay from LOT 801 is showing you how incredibly easy it is to design an email newsletter in 10 quick minutes using Canva with ZERO design experience needed.

Just click the video below for the full tutorial... or read the full article below for a step by step guide (with photos) and you're on your way to sending professionally looking emails in no time :) 

Not a designer? I get it, it's not always easy knowing which fonts to use, how many fonts to use and which ones to pair together. Because let's face it, the last thing you want is your newsletter to look whack yo! No problem, I got your back... I put together a Font Pairing Cheat Sheet for you HERE.

1. Set Your Dimensions

Okay first things first, setting your dimensions. Once you open Canva you're going to want to click on the top right corner that says "Use Custom Dimensions". For this particular newsletter I set the dimensions to 800 x 700 pixels. Then hit the green "Design" button.

2. Choose Your Photo

Next you'll want to add an image to  your newsletter. To the left of the screen click on the "Uploads" tab and you can click on a photo you already have saved in your profile, or you can drag and drop a new image into the tab.

3. Add Some Text

Now you'll want to add some text to your image. I normally like to have a main catchphrase of what I want people to get out of this email, then add a small bit of text to go into further detail.

To add text, click on the "Text" tab to the left of your screen and click "Add Heading".

Then go ahead and type in whatever you'd like it to say. In this instance, I changed the text from black to white and to 35 point. 

Now, I didn't love how far apart line was from the second line so I went ahead and closed the gap a bit. Just hit the down arrow on the text toolbar and go to "Text Spacing" and play around until you find the spacing you like. 

Now you can add your secondary text. Just click on the "Text" tab on the left of your screen again and click on "Add Subheading" then type in your text. 

Again, I changed the color of the text from black to white, and the size to 15 point. 

Again, click the down arrow in the text toolbar and hit "Text Spacing". Play around until you find the letter spacing and line height you like :)

4. Add Your Call To Action Button

I always, always add a call to action box to all my emails. The point of sending an email is to get your subscribers to take some sort of action: buy your product, read your blog post, share with their friends, etc.

To do this, just click on the "Elements" tab on the left of your screen, then hit "Shapes" and click on the square box, as shown below. 

You can change the color of the box to whichever color you'd like, I left it at white for this newsletter. Then to change the size of the box, just click and drag the edges of the box to your liking, as seen below. 

5. Add Your Text Banner

I like to add a text banner to the bottom of my newsletter in a different color to tie it all up. 

Again, just click on the "Text" tab on the left of the screen and click on "Add Heading" and type in whatever you'd like. In this newsletter I typed in "The Playgrounds" and then added "Best Dressed This Summer" beneath it.

Just click on the down arrow on the text toolbar and scroll down to "Copy". This will make a copy of the text you just created. Go ahead and change the text to say whatever you like and tweak the font size, spacing and line height to your liking. 

6. Add Some Extra Design Elements

I felt like the newsletter still looked a little bare so I decided to add some lines to the side of the "Best Dressed This Summer" text.

To do this, just click on the "Elements" tab on the left of your screen, Lines and the first white line that pops up. I changed the color from white to black and stretched it out to a long, thin line... see below.

That's it, you're all done! No design experience needed, no Photoshop needed, no Illustrator needed. You're now a pro at creating and designing quick and simple (yet professionally looking) newsletters.

Now you have NO excuses... nothing to hold you back from connecting with your subscribers consistently. Just make sure that when you upload your newsletter image into your email list provider, you create a link for the image. That way, when someone clicks on your call to action button, it sends them directly to the link you want them to go to. In this instance, the button sends my subscribers directly to my suspender pants so they can "Get The Look".

About the Author

Lindsay, Professional Gangsta Boss. Owner/designer of Lot801, a children’s brand for the off-beat cool kids. She started Lot801 in her home.
She created her own PR strategy  andsurprised by herself… IT FREAKING WORKED! She went from 0 – 10K  social media followers in just 9 short months!