5 Ways to Reclaim Your Day and Get More Done

Managing time when you are a work-from-home mom is hard. Here are 5 tips to make it easier to get more done.

Not long ago, I participated in a cool IG chat with some friends of mine called Top Knot Tuesday. We each asked a question of the participants, and mine was about how to get more done and how to time manage. New baby. 2 year old, a business, a blog, a family… it’s a LOT. And I often wonder how I’m going to get everything done in a day and sleep at night. I give a lot of thought to ways to help me get things done in less time, or at least in the time that I do have.

When I really think about what helps me time manage, a few things come to mind. I don’t always realize I’m doing these things, but after years of working, and then working for myself, I have managed to create some habits that are now second nature to me. Like any habit, it takes time to develop; a habit doesn’t form over night. Adulting can be extremely overwhelming and exhausting, and when the day has control over us, we tend to lose our minds a little. At least I know I do.

I really believe that getting everything done isn’t about chugging the most coffee possible, or staying up until the wee hours of the morning (though in high school in college, I admit I did that more times than I care to remember). Now, I value my sleep, and when I don’t get it, you do NOT want to be around me.

Here’s what I’ve done to reclaim my energy and control over my days.

Tips for Getting More Done

1. Don’t over-commit. 

This seems obvious, but I see time and time again people make the mistake of saying “yes” far too often. I don’t know what people’s obsession is with saying “yes,” but there is real power in “no.” Not everyone’s cause is going to be your cause. Not everyone’s event is going to be important to you. And learning to be ok with that is a critical adult skill to learn. In this same vein, learning to get over your FOMO is another step in that direction; I know it seems like you’re going to miss something if you don’t go to that happy hour, but I promise you won’t. Sometimes rest, rejuvenation, or just staying home to focus on your must-do list are necessary for your well-being. Don’t make the mistake of over-estimating how much you can accomplish in one day. We can do all things, but not at once.

2. Wake up early. 

It is a proven fact that we are more productive in the morning. Many, many studies and polls have shown that our most productive time of day is morning when we’ve had adequate rest and we haven’t been bombarded with the challenges of the day yet and our body temp is still rising from the night before. Productivity decreases after we eat, sit, and the effects of caffeine have worn off. Capitalize on this by waking up a little early and tackling difficult tasks to get them out of the way.

3. Work on a task until it’s done instead of trying to multitask.

I hate that word "multitask" and here’s why: because NO ONE is good at it. You may think you are, but do you know how much more productive you can be by focusing on one task at a time and working on it until it’s finished before moving on to the next? Or, set aside a dedicated amount of time that you’re going to work on that item, even if you don’t finish it, versus trying to do 10 things at once. Trust me on this. Try it.

4. Drink water instead of snack. 

Studies show that the symptoms of dehydration closely mimic those of hunger, so sometimes our bodies trick us into reaching for a snack when we really need a bottle of water. Lots of snacking throughout the day can actually do a number on energy levels. Try chugging some water before you eat something to make sure it’s not your thirst that needs quenching.

5. Set and visualize very specific goals. 

Do whatever you have to do to visualize accomplishing exactly what you want to accomplish long-term. It’s not enough to say, “I want my business to be successful.” or “I want my blog to grow.” Set very specific goals and write them down. All of the mundane and tedious tasks you have to do to accomplish those goals won’t feel so boring if you can really envision that they’re helping you get there.

What helps you get things done in your day? Please share, I’d love to hear them!

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