Why Women- Led Businesses Are Finally Ready For "BEING Bold"?

I created BEING Bold as a content platform to empower women led start-up founders and and small business owners to lead their businesses grounded in both wisdom and strategy.

BEING Bold features inspirational articles and "how-to" guidance written by incredible women in business.  We also feature a series titled "Bold Broads" highlighting women founders. These women share honest wisdom and tough lessons to support you in collectively making good shit happen in your own small business.

It may not all be pretty and perfectly polished but every piece we write will support you in stretching to build a BOLD, intentional business; which is exactly what we stand for in The Collective (of Us.) Intention, integrity, wisdom, and know-how.  

"Without looking inwards, you're unable to understand the true growth potential for your business."

What the f*ck does wisdom have to do with building a business?
Without looking inwards, you're unable to understand the true growth potential for your business. All the strategy in the world won't help you build a successful business if you're unable to understand yourself on a deeper level. That level is inner wisdom. 

Wisdom comes from experience, knowledge, listening and most importantly, tapping IN.  And yes, I know this sounds like hippie shit and partially, it is. But as women, we are innately intuitive until we grow up in a world that largely teaches us to stop trusting ourselves. My mission with BEING Bold is to untrain that mindset and remind you how to tap back inwards to your natural intuition in an effort to truly build a bold, heart-centered business. The language used will be sassy, contemporary and sometimes even brash but all of my work is deeply rooted in yogic philosophy and this platform will highlight the very best of what I do. 

"Inner wisdom without execution will not build a sustainable business."

Equally important is execution. 
Inner wisdom without execution will not build a sustainable business. You must simultaneously tap into left and right brained mentalities to create and sustain a business. You have to learn how to execute on your vision. With a combination of intuition and real-life strategy and how-tos, you will learn the skills, tools, and knowledge needed. And that, my friend, is what BEING Bold is truly all about. 

Welcome to Volume 001. 

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Cyndie Spiegel is a Brooklyn-based consultant, coach, and speaker focusing on strategy for women-led startup founders and small business owners as well as the founder of The Collective (of Us.)