Why You Must Challenge The Status Quo.

It is amazing, and also a little scary, how often other people’s ideas seem to become our own. Many times we are told how we should be, who we should be, and how we should do it without it even being very obvious that it’s happening. But there are choices you can make, and perspectives that you can have, that can help you break away from what is “normal” and help you create your own values in your business and life. I believe in challenging the Status Quo because this when we learn the most and we see the most progress happen. Once you realize how often you are influenced to make decisions that were never even yours, it becomes a lot easier to realize what it is that you actually want.


I quit my job when I was twenty-two, making the choice to start my own company. My startups are in advertising, tech, and real estate, all of which are mostly male-dominated industries.
Being a female immigrant from Ireland, I have experienced every challenge imaginable as I’ve worked to build my own career in these fields, and I know that there were will always be more obstacles ahead of me. What helps me overcome these challenges is my ability to meet them with my own ideas, my own values, and my own perspectives. There is strength in upholding what is yours. It doesn’t benefit you to support what has been forced upon you or what has been suggested to be the best option. It isn’t always comfortable to step out from the crowd and be different but this is when you can prosper the most, especially in learning about who you are and what works best for your career.


It isn’t that you have to totally disregard what the majority says or what is considered “normal,” but instead of just accepting it, ask my favorite question, “But why?” There are things that you can learn from the Status Quo but what we learn should only be used as benchmarks, as guidelines. If you aren’t being your authentic self it is more likely that any success you have will only be temporary. Sharing insights, creating conversation and developing coping mechanisms to support each other -- in real and vulnerable ways -- can teach us new things and encourage
us further.

If you aren't being your authentic self it is more likely that any success will be temporary. 

Imagination, risk-taking, and flexibility are some of the most important elements in forging your
own perspective. 1 Knowledge and inspiration come when you think differently from what is usual
and act on what you believe in. I moved to New York on a whim to follow my dreams. I challenge the norm in everything that I do; how I run my company, what our products do, and how I interact with my team and clients. Having this perspective has not made my career choices or life choices any easier but it always given them value and worth and certainly makes this journey all the more exciting.

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Anne Kavanagh:

Adventure seeker. Product creator. Founder for life.

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