How to Nail Your Fitness Routine As A Small Business Owner

Most of us recognize the importance of staying fit in terms of its benefits to our overall health, well-being, and happiness; even so, working out is one of the first healthy habits we tend to break as small business owners.

Working long hours with ever-changing schedules and to-do lists can make it seem impossible to find time to get our sweat on – not because we don’t want to but because it just doesn’t feel that urgent.

Unfortunately, when we fall into a pattern of neglecting our bodies’ need for movement and connection, we notice a decline in our physical fitness, strength, and wellbeing, which often adversely affects how we feel about ourselves, our creativity and even our business productivity. It’s all connected.

The good news is that even if you’ve fallen way off track, by making several minor lifestyle changes and consciously shifting your approach fitness, you will experience positive results in a short period of time and can successfully establish a personalized workout program that has real staying power.

How To Nail Your Fitness Routine for Good:

1. Be Consistent + Realistic.

When we feel suddenly motivated to get fit, there’s a tendency to be unrealistic when it comes to setting goals. For example, deciding you will go to the gym 6x / week when you haven’t been more than twice in the last month or two is just unrealistic. Worse yet, trying to do too much too soon after being sedentary is a quick road toward injuring yourself. Regardless of how motivated you are, you must recognize and appreciate that physical fitness is a marathon and not a sprint; it’s not unlike building a successful business. As one of my running coaches used to explain, “training is like putting money in the bank. You build up your strength and endurance little by little each day, and before you know it you’re rich.” Your body and your health are far too precious to neglect; give them the time, attention and effort they deserve and you will be thankful – because this time when you get fit it won’t be a phase, it will have become a lifestyle.

2. Make It Official.

Once you’ve established a realistic fitness plan – which if it’s been awhile could begin with something as simple as waking up 15 minutes earlier and beginning the day with a short yoga session or getting outside for 15 minutes of alternating a jog/walk – enter your workout in your calendar. Your workout needs to be a scheduled date with yourself that you regard as seriously you would any other work appointment. Of course, there will be times when you’ll need to shift the time or even cancel your workout (as with any other engagement); however, your plan needs to feel somewhat concrete. If it helps you stay accountable and motivated, plan to work out with a friend regularly; however, don’t rely entirely on someone else. Your workout is about you.


3. Stay Flexible.

It’s easy to become discouraged when our schedules change and we miss a few days (or weeks) of working out – particularly when we were so excited to get fit. Let go of this mentality. Each day is a new opportunity for you get back on track. Sh*t happens. Life happens. You know this. Get over it, forgive yourself. Pour on the self-love and appreciate that you are a sensitive, hardworking and soulful human. Today is a new day. Yesterday is over. You’ve got this.

Physical fitness is a marathon and not a sprint; it’s not unlike building a successful business.

4. Keep It Simple.

If you’re able to attend workout classes at fitness studios that inspire you, do it. However, if it’s too difficult or expensive to take many classes in-studio, limit your investment to what you can afford. One of the most important investments is a solid pair of athletic shoes that are comfortable and supportive. If you run/walk, go to a specialty store and have someone observe your gait. If you prefer only yoga, you’ll need a solid mat, but don’t complicate things. Personally, I believe you need to get some type of cardio in several times each week to effectively increase your fitness level. If music motivates you, make a killer playlist and use that. Do what you can. Start small, gradually build up and discover what works, connects and inspires you.


Seeking morning workout motivation? Check this out.

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Jess King is a gifted singer-songwriter with a passion for positive impact. She graduated from Dartmouth College and is currently based in "The City of Lights." She is also a gifted coach and athlete, which has helped her develop and launch a heart-first high intensity full-body workout called The Next Level.

Check out Jess’ website,, which is dedicated to inspiring a “kickass” life through sharing interviews exceptional individuals as well as other articles related to wellness of mind, body and heart.