Social Sharing as a Magnet for Abundance


You know when you sit down to create content for your brand? How do you feel in that moment?

So many of the women entrepreneurs I meet would describe that moment as frustrating and overwhelming. They would procrastinate it with any excuse. This social sharing that we are doing every single day is stressing the hell out of us. We are creating from that place of stress.

How often do we think about the energy that we bring into creating content and what it’s doing to our people and our bottom line?

I made the decision two years ago to work with women entrepreneurs and help them define, own, and tell their stories. I was finally building a business around my passions and my gifts! I had so much to say. 

I realized early on that there was a clear energy exchange going on when I shared my story. The women showing up to work with me were meeting me with the same enthusiasm to be part of what I was creating.

When I sat down to create content, there was an excitement. I couldn’t get the words out fast enough. My words were coming from a deep knowing of self and a thrill to connect with others.

The reason you become your own boss is to create your life your way. That is bold, badass, and beautiful. We need to remember that joy when we are sharing our stories everyday. So often the frustration with creating content comes from a place of fear of being judged, comparing ourselves to others, and from doubting ourselves.

When I’ve been in my shit, I have found that doing these things snaps me out of it and brings me back to an excited energy for all I have to share:

The reason you become your own boss is to create your life your way. That is bold, badass, and beautiful. We need to remember that joy when we are sharing our stories everyday.

1) Brainstorm on your WHY and your VALUES: These are the foundational pieces of your brand and they will connect you with your deeper sense of excitement and purpose.

2) Write about what you’re NOT: Sometimes, understanding how you don’t want to show up does wonders for your confidence. It reminds you of all you can indeed contribute.

3) Read surveys, comments, messages and feedback to you from your community. It can be weird and awkward, I know. Truly listening to your community reminds you that they need you and your voice. They need your story.

Happy Energy Sharing.

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Gaby Guzman is the founder of The Jupiter Circle, where she works with women entrepreneurs to define, own and tell their stories so that they can grow their businesses and step into their highest vision. 

Through Feng Shui, Branding and Online Storytelling - Gaby's approach is rooted in energy work, purpose-driven authenticity, and proven engagement strategies to build a loyal, lasting community. 

She leads masterminds & workshops regularly for women entrepreneurs, and designs customized strategy programs for selected corporate clients.

Gaby's prior experience includes Consulting, Human Resources and Communications. She has led award-winning strategies in advertising agencies in New York City and Miami, for clients including Tiffany & Co., SONY and Tiffany & Co.   

Gaby is a 2015 New Leaders Council Miami Fellow. Her speaking experiences include South by Southwest Interactive and the Voto Latino Power Summit.

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