Elisabetta C.

"I was just starting my business and decided to join The Collective (of Us) because I wanted to meet other like-minded women entrepreneurs and have a network I could connect with, learn from, and share ideas with. This community is a great, positive and energetic one! It’s awesome that we have a community of fellow female entrepreneurs for life. It is definitely worth the investment."  - Elisabetta C., Kurandza


“There are so few people out there that can truly inspire and motivate while simultaneously making you really think about your actions in a positive light. What I love about the group is that it really propels people to change. Being part of this community has opened doors to collaborating with other incredible women. I can't recommend The Collective enough."- Tündi, Tündi Szász

Nikki M.

"I wanted to join the Collective to gain the support from other female entrepreneurs. Sometimes I found solutions for problems I didn't even realize I had just by listening to the advice for other members! It's a safe place to discuss your struggles and get real answers and solutions to your problems. It's nice to have a place where you can bounce off ideas and get constructive feedback." -Nikki M., Mae B. Films


"I felt a little lost and in need of some new energy before I found The Collective (of Us). Getting encouragement from the group pushed me in ways I may not have pushed myself. Now I have more confidence in my business and my ability to grow it. Cyndie has the right balance of encouragement and push to help you to do things you may not attempt otherwise."  - Jessica, Oh So Antsy


"Since I found The Collective {of Us}, I’ve been able to create a much more cohesive brand experience. Being a part of this group has made a quantifiable difference in my business, and there is such an element of trust amongst the group members. Cyndie's approach is a nice balance of ‘Get off your ass’ and ‘We can make this work.’ I think many other fledgling and seasoned business owners would benefit!" - Monique, Keep Chasing The Stars