81% of our members see an increase in revenue.*
88% of members are crystal clear on their brand identity.* 
93% of members are more confident in the success of their businesses.*
99% of members recommend The Collective (of Us) to others.

We don't believe in intention without strategic, specific action.    *Results at the end of the 3-month accelerator


Who is The Collective (of us) for? 

We're an inclusive strategic community for women change makers, founders, creative business owners, and solopreneurs. We celebrate weird genius and traditional brilliance. We empower women who believe in creating BOLD businesses and brands, collectively.

Who else?

Women who've transitioned from a career to starting their own businesses

Women who expect no bullshit and need to ask the difficult questions in a community that is honest, intentional and non-competitive (even with those in the same industries.)

Women who are ready to commit the time and action to moving their business forward. Quickly.

What Membership Includes


3 months of coaching and access to Cyndie on group calls [$2000 value]

strategic consulting with EXPERT In-House Council MEMBERS

*Small group council sessions are exclusive to The Collective (of Us)  [$1000 value]  

Legal Support: (1) One-on-one call with our in-house lawyer, Hannah Pianko
SEO Support: (1) Intimate 3 person group call + assessment with in-house SEO expert, Myrna Daramy
PR Support: (1) Intimate 3 person group call + assessment with in-house PR expert, Erika Velasquez Alpern
Design + Branding Support: (1) Intimate 3 person group call + assessment with in-house Design expert, Laura Huebner
Sourcing + Manufacturing Support ***Product Businesses: (1) Intimate 3 person group call + assessment with in-house Sourcing expert, Liz Long

(6) Biweekly 2-Hour Small Group Strategy + Coaching Calls

*Small group sessions are exclusive to The Collective (of Us) members

The Bold Business Course CURRICULUM

Offered exclusively for The Collective (of Us) members and in-person workshops [$497 value]  

This course is the framework for The Collective (of Us). BOLD Business teaches you brand clarity, how to move past fear into BOLD action, how to create your offerings and price with confidence, hot to build your own niche and community, and courageously create success. You'll dive into the Bold Business course every other week; it's equal parts of wisdom and strategy create a tactical impact on your mindset and in your business. 

The Bold Business Course Includes:

Five [5] strategic actionable video modules
Five [5] immediate action workbooks  

You'll tap into the most crucial parts of your business with these [5] modules: 

  1. On Being: Owning Your Voice + Your Genuine Vibe
  2. On Fear + The Imposter Syndrome: How To Do Extraordinary Shit By Understanding + Owning Your Fears
  3. On Confidence + Money: Understand Your Value + Confidently Charge What You're Worth
  4. On Community: How To Build The RIGHT Community for Kick-Ass Strategy, Authentic Support + Major Magic Making
  5. On Collaboration: How To Give Competition The Middle Finger + Collaborate Like A Badass

Live “Social Calls”

These "lipstick on, bra off, wine in hand" calls creates offline camaraderie and an opportunity to mix it up and talk about anything and everything you need. **If you never wear a bra anyway; then come as you are! 

Lifetime access to Bonus Resource Calls WITH OUTSIDE EXPERTISE

Welcome Package

A surprise package delivered to your doorstep. Because digital connections are great - but so are real-life surprises.

Plus, Bonuses!

As a Collective Member, you will be: 

  • Added to The Collective Meet The Members page for all visitors and members to access
  • Access to a member's only area of resources and videos
  • AND - priority access to contribute posts to BEING Bold, a content platform created to empower women-led startup founders and small business owners to lead their businesses; grounded in both wisdom and strategy. 


Investment:$1999 Paid In Full OR 3 Payments of $685.

What Members Have to Say About Their Experience: 

"The Collective exceeded my expectations. Every time I have a question or anyone else poses a question - the answers are a HUGE wealth of info, and sometimes it's stuff I didn't even think I needed to know. It's been very very good for me. The rate at which my business has progressed couldn't have happened without the Collective.. and for others who are really invested in making moves and growing their brands, it is a great and worthwhile option. There's nothing like it out there."
Erica Recto, Amelia Brooklyn

"Having that chance every two weeks to hang out with the amazing women of the Collective, hear each woman's current struggles and then together come up with a plan was an invaluable use of time. The Collective is chalk full of incredibly talented, smart, supportive women. I think for anyone who needs support in either starting a business or growing their business they could find all the support and guidance within the Collective."
Kathyn Hart, Hustlyn Hart

"Before The Collective (of Us), I just changed my business services from social media management to consulting. I wanted a group where I could receive inspiration, accountability, and support to grow my biz. At first I worried that we wouldn't get much out of the calls because we were all so different. I could not have been more wrong. I loved learning what everyone was doing. Working alone can be isolating and stressful. Being accountable for specific tasks of my choosing twice a month was INVALUABLE. There is no way I would have made so many changes so quickly if I wasn't a member".
Caitlin Bacher,

How We're Different

The Collective is focused on know-how, specific individualized strategy and community.

Have you heard  the words "You're doing a great job, keep going!" more times than you care to count while coincidentally feeling like you're sinking into a black hole?

Perhaps you've admitted to yourself that  you have no idea what the f*ck you're doing most days? Yes? We know that feeling well. We all need to be nudged beyond our limits to learn what we don't already know.

We need to widen or perspective and be surrounded by women in businesses different than our own.

We need to learn how to innovate and do things differently.  

We all need cheerleaders but to truly thrive; we need strategy + know how.

The Collective supports you in creating growth and shifts, FAST, by giving you the tools and accountability to do the work. 

The tools, network and support are available to you. The calls support you in understanding and expediting the work needed to reach your goal. The Collective membership includes 3 months of laser focused strategy sessions with me and a group of brilliant badass business owners, each sharing their own expertise.  The online community creates an unparalleled level of accountability, support + magic making.

There are a max of FOUR women on each strategy call. FOUR. 

This means that you get focused undivided attention to get to the core of what you need, to move forward in your business.

As the facilitator of each call, Cyndie asks the right questions to help you get to the best possible answers via the most direct route. It really is THAT simple. 

Cyndie Spiegel personally facilitates EVERY. SINGLE. STRATEGY CALL.

It's rare in most high level masterminds or accelerators that a founder personally facilitates the calls. In fact, it's common practice to share the facilitation with other [less senior] coaches or staff.  

That type of accelerator successfully serves many and is a fully scalable business model.  But after years of research; Cyndie recognizes that her personal engagement is what sets The Collective (of Us) apart; because it creates an unparalleled level of commitment in supporting women in up-leveling their businesses.  

She is 100% engaged and personally invested in the success of the women in The Collective (of Us.) She works along side you as you grow more courageous, and build your business more boldly. 

As the founder and chief  "Make Shit Happen-er/ Manifester," she is with you every step of the way for the duration of The Collective (of Us) calls.

"...there is something about being with women you admire from afar, who you think have it all together, and who you know you could NEVER hang with because you just aren't on that level. Then, you realize you've been fooling yourself all along and believing the bullshit whispers of fear: Nobody wants your work, you're not good enough, you will just never be where they're at.."  That pretty much sums up my relationship with you, and with The Collective. My favorite part is that you don't try to tell me how to "do me." You recognize that I already knew how to do that. But giving me the tools, accountability, welcoming me, and affirming who I am, and connecting me to an intimate space with all my other heroes is probably the most powerful piece of it all. Wow, just f*cking WOW.  I AM ON THAT LEVEL. It's been here all along, I just needed to wake up. Well, I'm woke now." -Verse
"I've made more business progress in the last few months [since starting The Collective] than I had all of last year. Having your expertise, accountability and that of unbiased outsiders who see things so much clearer than I ever could down here in the weeds; this is just... awesome."- Kristiina


There really is no other accelerator like The Collective (of Us.)



Q: Is this for product or service based business?
A: Fear, community, collaboration and taking great leaps are universal challenges for ALL business types. You'll feel right at home if you are a product or service based business.

Q: I don't have a business but I really connect to the content and would like to learn more about myself - can I join The Collective?
A: If you are in the beginning stages of starting a small business, then YES!  But if you do not have a business, The Collective, in its current form, is not the right place for you at this moment.

Q: I'm a start up or in the (serious) concept stage of my business ideas - can I join The Collective? 
A: Whether you're an early stage business start-up or experienced business owner; these tools and support are for any woman who needs strategy and a kick in the pants to get moving, create growth plans and get shit done. Now.

NOTE: Several business have launched from concept to creation, within the three months of The Collective sessions, BUT you do have to be willing to focus, do a lot of work and set clear deadlines. If this is you, we will have a 15-minute call to assess the right fit before joining The Collective.


Investment:$1999 Paid In Full OR 3 Payments of $685.

A few more Collective thoughts from incredible women, like you.

"Cyndie leads The Collective {of Us} with kick-ass rock and roll flair, style and a penchant for no-bullshit. Because she's part business and part zen, the Collective was straight forward, honest and deeply caring. There are so few people out there that can truly inspire and motivate while simultaneously making you really think about your actions in a positive light. What I love about the group is that it really propels people to change. Being part of this community has opened doors to collaborating with other incredible women. I can't recommend The Collective enough."
Tündi, Tündi Szász 


"I LOVED that my calls were mainly with women in other industries, it really changed my mindset from being a "photographer" to a business owner. ...I am progressing in ways I hadn't expected. The Collective (of Us) has been so beneficial in pushing my business in new directions that I'm really excited about. This has been a life changer for me. I was lacking some major confidence while running a "successful" business. The Collective helped me turn new corners, branch out, dream big and execute."
Mandy Evans, Mandy Evans Photography

"Cyndie is a great coach who gave me some ideas that were easy to do but I'd never thought of before. I met some amazing people, and some inspirational business owners who were in different but complementary fields. I love the collaborative nature of this collective and that it's led by an experienced coach who really knows how to facilitate. It was very beneficial for cuteheads™."
Esther Freedman, cuteheads



"Before I started The Collective, I was desperately looking for a way to get back into building my brand and business but felt lost.  One of the most important lessons that I've learned in The Collective is that dreams will stay dreams if you keep sleeping on them! So being able to start thinking, taking action steps, and given tangible strategy and assignments, all of these things have been so helpful in moving my business forward.  I actually have more motivation to get to work and "make shit happen"! The Collective has helped me tremendously!"
Natalie Holm, Natalie Rebecca Design

"These past months have been the best for me, both personally and for Makers + Goods, and the foundation of this growth comes from you and The Collective (of Us.) From the Collective calls, I've found a unique confidence and voice that I didn't quite know how to exude in the past, the Facebook group, and the online courses. There is something very powerful knowing that you have a tribe of strong and supportive women in your corner."
Julie Skon, Makers & Goods


"I've made more business progress in the last few months [since starting The Collective] than I had all of last year. Having your expertise, accountability and that of unbiased outsiders who see things so much clearer than I ever could down here in the weeds; this is just... awesome."
Kristiina Craven, Kristiina Craven Photography


Investment:$1999 Paid In Full OR 3 Payments of $685.